Born and brought up in the East End of London, Stew did an engineering apprenticeship instead of going to art school and when he joined the Met Police in 1973 it was because he needed a roof over his head and a steady wage for his wife, Jo, and young family. 


He gained his teaching qualifications from Greenwich University in 1992 whilst teaching at Hendon Police College and went on to design and innovate learning programmes from law to diversity.


Between 1995 and 2000 he was privileged to be the Managing Training Officer at Parliament.


Stew has been painting and drawing since he was a child,  when he retired with Jo as his agent he exhibited and sold in a number of galleries in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Northumberland.  


Inspiration for continuing to paint and just carry on after Jo passed away in April 2015 comes from his to four children, Viv, Ian, Angie and Alan and his two sisters Lindsay and Elaine.


Photography has now become a major part of Stew's world these days and has taken over his life.


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